Why Girls Should Not Be Embarrassed to Eat In Front of a Guy.

It is no big secret, that I eat like a man. 

I’m not your typical, salad-eating-I-can’t-finish-my-food type of girl. 

I will choose to order the full rack of ribs, not half.

I will have cheesy chips, not plain chips. 

And yes, there is always room for dessert. 

However, what I will never seem to understand, is why some girls – yes, not all girls – think that just because they are out on a date with a guy, they need to eat less?

“As if eating sooooo much, makes you suddenly sooo unattractive.”



Okay, I get it. What guy wants a girl that can eat more than him? (And to be honest, if you can eat more than the ‘man’ – you quite simply need to find a ‘new man’.)

But, I’m not saying that – I’m saying: eat like you would, if you were at home or out with the girls.

For me, food is a great way of bonding. Because I love food. And if i’m out with you, chances are I enjoy your company. Good food + Good company = Good day.

What’s wrong with me eating half a pizza on a first date? Never, did it cross my mind that I should have eaten two slices instead of five.

Let the man know what he needs to expect if he was to take you on another date. And to be honest, most men, (men, that I know) do not want a skinny girl. They want a girl, they can take to a buffet.

Why, make a man spend money on a steak and chips just for you to eat half the steak, and just about finish you chips?

Is this man growing money on trees for you to waste his money like that?

And do not moan about, “oh but, I’m so fat. I have a flubber tummy. It’s only washboard, when I eat a salad.”

Hellllllo – are you living in Heat Magazine?

Real women, not the airbrushed celebrities on the front cover in their bikini, have bits of fat on them. But there is a difference between being unhealthy fat – and being, well – normal.

Having a bit of fat on your tummy is normal, plus – give the man something to grab!

I remember one time, I was at university and one of my guy friends bought me lunch. Why? Because I was not looking for a quick fix salad from Tesco. I wanted the Caribbean food from down the road complete with jerk chicken, beans and rice and some plantain.

He appreciated it more, because most men, like to see a woman, eat. To know, that she knows how to look after herself. And doesn’t starve herself, for some one reason or another.

It is no secret that I have done eating challenges (have you seen me tackle the Naga Viper? or the Tinsletown Empire State Challenge?) So, yes I will tell a guy about that. Most girls I tell are like “what the hell Norresa, you’re so fat.” Whereas most of the guys I tell are pretty damn impressed – and I basically got myself automatically invited to the next meal out.

I guess, it can be a bit of a curse that I am quite comfortable eating a lot in front of other guys. I mean, who knows what shock horror they think when they see me scoff down half a chicken from Nandos, including my two sides.

They must think I’m a right fatty. But, so what? I’m happy and my tummy is happy.

Personally, I really think girls needs to just get a grip, and eat proper food that is good for them.

And remember to always always always, finish your own dessert. Don’t share. Women don’t share chocolate.

If only i had to to myself though

If only i had to to myself though


  1. 02/12/2014 / 3:24 am

    Oh I looove Five Guys! One of my favorite date spots!

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