Why Having a Circle is Important

One thing that I had taken from my counselling sessions two years ago was that it is really important to have a circle of people you can talk to. It wasn’t really something I took into practice until the end of last year and it is only now, as I start counselling again, that I realise just how important it is. There are three layers to this circle; a wider circle, the middle circle and your close circle. Each circle basically represents different levels of how much they know about myself and my mental health & also how much they… View Post

Gladiator in Concert | Royal Albert hall

I always love looking out for great date night ideas and when I stumbled across Gladiator in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall how could I resist? Not only is Gladiator an incredible film, but to hear not only the soundtrack but also the film score played by a live orchestra – this is an opportunity not to be missed. We managed to get pretty decent booth seats and nabbed the front row, giving us a great view of the film screening and the orchestra. The orchestra on the day were brilliant and heightened the emotional journey throughout the film, making… View Post

Date Night at Gymkhana | London

Dining out on fancy a.k.a no basic Nandos dinner dates has become a bit of a rarity for us. It isn’t that we don’t want to because trust me – there are so many restaurants out there that I would love to go to – but quite simply, we’re just a bit smarter with our money. K told me about Gymkhana a few months ago and it is notorious for its difficulty in booking reservations. You can’t book more than two months in advance and even then getting a decent dinner time reservation was harder than it seemed. After managing… View Post

New Year’s Eve 2017

It was already decided that for New Year’s Eve, I wanted to do something special. I wasn’t really interested in going to a club, or a party. I wanted to do something exclusive and a bit more on the ‘grown up side’. Why? Simply because, I didn’t feel the need to be surrounded by drunken people who didn’t even realise the 10 second count down to midnight. Seriously though, how are you even out for New Years Eve and not even realising it is passed midnight?! After a few Google searches on the best things to do in London for New… View Post

Race for Life, Hyde Park 10km 2015

The day has finally fallen upon us, where I ran the 10km Race for Life in Hyde Park, London. After months of training and practicing, building up my stamina and ability to run a distance, it has all paid off! a big yay for hard work! I decided to run my race for life for my Auntie Cely, Auntie Marina and Grandma Seher. In what has been a miserable morning full of rain, has turned into a beautiful July summers day complete with an army of women in pink t-shirts, who took over Hyde Park from 9am as the run… View Post

BA Journalism Graduation – London Metropolitan University, Class of 2014

I guess everyone will reach that stage in their life when they realise their whole world is about to change. Whether it is because they fall in love, or start a family, get a new job, or accomplish something great. This happened to me – well for me it was a great accomplishment. Astonishingly, after near about 16 consecutive years of studying, I finally finished and graduated last Tuesday 29th July 2014. It’s a bit different here in the U.K – the whole graduation stuff. See, in most places in the world you graduate during high school/secondary school. Whereas here… View Post

A Hollywood dinner thats just out of this Planet

I love discovering new restaurants that I am still yet to sit down and have a delicious meal in… I literally buzz inside. Especially when I’m thoroughly analysing the menu and mentally picking out my favourites in my head. It was only when I was out with my best friend, that I discovered, a special  hidden gem in one of the small roads in-between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The American chain restaurant Planet Hollywood.

Dunkin’ Donuts is back!

Don’t be fooled, this is no prank. Dunkin’ Donuts have officially opened their first store in the U.K. since leaving 20 years ago well at least to the London area to my knowledge. I can remember finding this out, as if it were yesterday… “Harrow-on-the-hill” “I’m sorry what?” “We have to go to Harrow-on-the-hill, that’s where they opened Dunkin’ Donuts!’” Honestly, I live in west London, well more south-west London and the mere thought of commuting all the way to Harrow-on-the-hill is well… daunting. BUT, mention the words ‘Dunkin’ and ‘Donuts’ and suddenly i’m reminiscent of my holidays in L.A.… View Post