The Empire State Challenge Burger – Tinsletown

Having met my defeat at Red Dog Saloon, I decided to find a more easier challenge – and ended up at Tinsletown, Ealing Broadway. I went with my best friend again, and our friend Ricky too. Tinsletown is an american diner, offering burgers, cheesy chips, smoothies and great desserts. It has an almost ‘Hollywood’ atmosphere, with pictures of celebrities on the wall, the word Tinsletown sprawled across the walls and what appeared to a poster of young girls screaming for my autograph. Straight to the meal, we all ordered the ‘Empire State Challenge Burger’ The menu states that the challenge… View Post

Red Dog Saloon – The Naga Viper Chilli Challenge

THE NAGA VIPER CHILLI HOT WINGS CHALLENGE Location: Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton. Task: Eat six of the Naga Viper Chilli Hot Wings as fast as you can, then embrace the blaze of the chilli for five minutes before you can drink any water. Upon completion, you win a t-shirt. If you fail, it’s a £10.50 bill.  Following on from last months post  when I briefly mentioned the Red Dog Saloon.. I plucked up the courage, dragged my best friend out of university (he wasn’t in class and he loves me so its okay!) and marched right over to Red Dog Saloon. …actually,… View Post

The day I discovered the London Man Vs Food challenges.

In short. My guilty pleasure is to switch off the light at 10pm, lie in bed, get comfortable and switch the TV on to my favourite TV channel. A TV channel that teases me, and leaves me with unsettling cravings that can last all the way until the morning. The food network. I love watching Man Vs Food, Man Vs Food Nation, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, and last but not least Bitchin Kitchin. I hate the aching dissatisfaction I get from not being able to cook or eat the food that is upon the screen though. That was until, I… View Post