Red Dog Saloon – The Naga Viper Chilli Challenge


Location: Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton.

Task: Eat six of the Naga Viper Chilli Hot Wings as fast as you can, then embrace the blaze of the chilli for five minutes before you can drink any water. Upon completion, you win a t-shirt. If you fail, it’s a £10.50 bill. 

Following on from last months post  when I briefly mentioned the Red Dog Saloon..

I plucked up the courage, dragged my best friend out of university (he wasn’t in class and he loves me so its okay!) and marched right over to Red Dog Saloon.

…actually, there are two Red Dog Saloons, RIGHT NEXT to each other.. one specialises in restaurants and the other is the main restaurant. So to my embarrassment, I  marched over to the Red Dog Saloon Sandwiches, oblivious to the fact that my best friend (Robby) was waiting at the main restaurant.

Quick shameful walk out of the sandwiches restaurant, and into the main restaurant and there I was, ready to face the challenge.

Once seated at the restaurant, I took in its Texas style decoration, complete with bulls heads on the wall and Texas music from the speakers.

All three tasted banginggg with chips!

All three tasted banginggg with chips!

We ordered our food, 2 burgers, 2 chips, water and of course: The Naga Viper Chilli Hot Wings.

He has no idea what is about to become of his mouth and stomach..

He has no idea what is about to become of his mouth and stomach..

Now, this challenge.. its.. its really N O T for the faint hearted. Honestly, I have no idea who we thought we were trying out the challenge. I mean, we could’ve started off at the bottom you know. Maybe a Jalapeño challenge. But no. We went with the Naga Viper Chilli – one of the hottest chillies in.. well. the world.

Fun fact from good ol’ Wikipedia: Naga Viper Chilli…  It’s 250 times hotter than a jalapeño!

Btw, the burger I had? Amazeeee! 

When we received the hot wings, I though to myself well this doesn’t look too bad. But with one swift lick with my finger, I felt as though the devil’s fireball grew in my mouth and rapidly exploded.

Yeah. ONE LICK. and my mouth was BURNING.

What is that! What sort of demon possessed chilli is this?!



And to think for the challenge we had to eat SIX. yeah thats right, ONE.. TWO.. THREE.. FOUR.. FIVE.. S I X !

I mean, one lick and I couldn’t even handle that, let alone one WHOLE one. then you know.. five more..

I was shaking…

…with fear that is…I wasn’t cold.. I wore a jumper (bad move when you start burning up by the way!)

So, OBVIOUSLY as Robby is the man in this friendship, he may as well offer his ‘gentleman’ charm and have the first hot wing.

Chewing it with proudness, wondering what the hell all the fuss was about… it soon hit him…

He went RED. not pink. RED. He was BURNING up. I could see his face sweating from the heat.

Seriously.. watch the video down below. It’s hilarious

Btw, Robby.. Best.. we’re best friends yeah? So please forgive me once this video is uploaded onto Youtube for all of the world to see. 

Not only did he finish HIS water, but he also drank MY water, as if to say he couldn’t ask the waiter for another glass. He just went in like a hawk swooping in on it’s prey (my water) and downed the whole thing!

When it came to my turn, I was petrified. I mean, if a man can’t handle it, then what makes me think that I can?!

Not confident one bit.

Not confident one bit.

Eventually, ripping at the hot wing, dragging the meat from its bone, I stuffed it all in my mouth.

and waited.

I waited for the heat to consume me.

Seconds later (yeah, see I didn’t even wait that long) and I was burning up. I didn’t know what to do!

I am not the type of person to start sweating, so it was a different experience to Robby and I was wearing a hoodie!

I started to panic, how is it even possible that a chilli could be this hot?

I immediately went for a glass of water (yeah we ordered another two) and drank that within a minute, and then I went for a second glass of water. It was not. enough.

I was flapping my hand like a bird trying to cool me down, oh how I wish I had a fan on my mouth.

My tongue was going numb and I could only feel sane with an ice cube in my mouth.

Giving in, I asked for two glasses of milk.. (which were complimentary btw! thank s Red Dog Saloon!) and well..

I finished them both.

At some point… perhaps five minutes later after the glasses of milk I slowly felt myself coming back up from hell and back to reality.

I stared at the remaining hot wings, and knew it was not possible to eat another. I mean seriously, if thats what its like when its coming in.. imagine coming out!

It's the Hall of Fame! sorry, Flame!

It’s the Hall of Fame! sorry, Flame!

I remember speaking to Anontio Soria, the head waiter/supervisor at the restaurant, and he said to us: “This is an extremely hot chilli guys. It is not a joke. Some people have thrown up on the table, some have gone outside for hours to cool down,” he said. People often ask for “milkshakes and milk to stop the burn,” he added, saying that it’s “very spicy, it is not a joke, you cannot mess around with this spice.”

Well Antonio, if only I knew that before I took on the challenge ha ha ha ha.

Oh, if only I could say I would go back there to attempt the challenge again in a few more years.. (you know.. train up to it… ) then I would.

But for now, sadly, I had to leave the restaurant defeated by food, with no place on their Hall of Flame.

It's the Hall of Fame! sorry, Flame!

It’s the Hall of Fame! sorry, Flame!

I wish my face could go on this wall..

I wish my face could go on this wall..

As a special treat.. here’s a quick video. I can only explain the heat in so many words in a blog post, so maybe this will be better…

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