New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year’s Eve at Somerset House

It was already decided that for New Year’s Eve, I wanted to do something special. I wasn’t really interested in going to a club, or a party. I wanted to do something exclusive and a bit more on the ‘grown up side’. Why? Simply because, I didn’t feel the need to be surrounded by drunken people who didn’t even realise the 10 second count down to midnight. Seriously though, how are you even out for New Years Eve and not even realising it is passed midnight?!

After a few Google searches on the best things to do in London for New Years – which didn’t have a questionable cost , I found ‘Somerset House’.

Now, I’ve been to Somerset House numerous times, whether it is for London Fashion Week or the Film 4 Summer Screening. But it never crossed my mind, that they would do something specific for New Year’s Eve.

SKATE at Somerset House was on, (a huge ice rink with a DJ) and I for one am not the type to ice skate…ever. However, there were tickets for those who just wished to spend New Year’s in London, away from the hustle and bustle of the ‘ticket only zones’ for the Fireworks. At only £45.00, I figured it was the next best thing. A warm building, with clean toilets, drinks and food on sale and an exclusive terrace view of the London Eye? Sold.

The last evening of 2016 started with a simple yet goodie – dinner at Joe’s Southern Table and Bar in Covent Garden. Quite literally, my favourite part of this meal was ‘mashed potatoes in gravy’ as a side!

We ordered a selection of sides with two portions of chicken wings in Southern Fried and Sticky BBQ.

Bae like K

Their cocktails were great too!

I have to admit, considering it was New Years Eve – I expected the restaurant to be super packed, but it wasn’t. I also must express the superb customer service that was shown to us on the night.

Only a short walking distance from Somerset house, we arrived at our venue for the night a little after 7pm.

It was quiet and beautiful – the ice was untouched and became a perfect picture opportunity before it became over crowded with the other ticket holders.

I totally get that it was a Skate event – but I’m not a skate girl. In fact – I’ve never been ice skating, call it a fear if you must. I have this crazy imaginative idea that as soon as I fall over some talented figure skater is going to slice my fingers with the blade from their skates. Told ya – imaginative.

So we sat down in front of the rink and enjoyed each other’s company over a few drinks. Two hours later we began to explore what else was on offer at Somerset House and found that a lot of the rooms were open to the public. An empty open space that allowed people to sit in the warmth of central heating and still listen to the music from the venue’s DJ.

We then headed to the terrace to see what the view was like – and no surprise, the area with the best view of the London Eye had started filling up. We opted for a lovely section on the side, with a view of the street and the London Eye.

Happy New Year

With a bottle of white wine and two mini bottles of champagne (the champagne was included in our ticket) we were ready to welcome the New Year.

We could clearly hear the DJ and music that was hosting the New Year’s Eve party close to the London Eye, which made it perfect to be involved with the 10 second count down to midnight.

The fireworks were beautiful and and the atmosphere was incredible – to be surrounded by lovely people who were all happy and excited for the New Year.

I guess that is what is all about when you’re celebrating the New Year in London. The experience to be in the city and to watch the fireworks with your friends, families and loved ones.

I really loved the way I spend my last evening of 2016 and the way I welcomed in the New Year. Not only was I with K, but I was really happy. I remember smiling so much and reminiscing on the good that 2016 had brought me and my relationship. Okay – the amount of alcohol I had that night is questionable, but who cares – I was happy.

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