Mindset Reshift

The UK has been in lockdown for just over eight weeks and it has definitely given me the opportunity to pause for a moment and take a break from the busy and fast-paced life I live. I mean, when was the last time we really had ‘nothing’ to do?

This really isn’t something I welcomed with open-arms, I insanely made sure that I was being productive around the clock from pre-work running, post-work workouts, blogging, cleaning my room etc. I even refreshed my First Aid training online! Then suddenly I reached my point of exhaustion with a 6 day tension headache/migraine pushing me to my limit, I decided that a change was in order.

It is so easy to tick the boxes in our to-do lists, be productive and let life pass us by, but finding the physical and mental strength to pause is harder than it looks. When was the last time you really looked at yourself and understood who you are as a person? Minus the money, the materialism and ego?

My cousin invited to me to be part of a new mindset group based in the US and I’ve been doing it since the beginning of lockdown, it has really opened my eyes to being vulnerable, understanding my mindset and being open to the journey. They’re called Vida Project and I’ve found it quite inspiring, motivational and dare I say life-changing?

A few times a week we are asked questions such as ‘what are you grateful for today?’ and ‘when was the last time you were vulnerable?’. We are then encouraged to respond to the question via video; the idea being that we are forced out of our comfort zone by talking to a camera. At first, I felt really embarrassed talking to my camera but eventually I found it to be quite a natural thing. I’m yet to do a video out in public in front of everyone, so we’ll see how my confidence grows.

I’ve started reading again too, not that I ever stopped but I’m getting through books a lot faster than before. I’ve nearly finished Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life & I am currently reading ‘This is going to hurt’ by Adam Kay. Up next I have How to Win Friends and Influence People & Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King. I guess every book aside from This is going to hurt, is pretty much themed around self-development, so safe to say there’s a reoccurring theme right now.

I’ve also invested in an online tarot reader (she doesn’t usually do online tarot readings, but lockdown has been getting in the way a fair bit) and I’m really excited to see what happens during it. I’m curious to know what path I’m on and whether it leads me to the answers of the questions I have.

It was only when I decided to take this step back, that I had the time to challenge my mindset and how I can change my mental wellbeing and lifestyle for the better – to be a much more happier me.

I’ve learnt that it is important to be grateful, patient and open-minded. Not that I’ve mastered any of these yet, it’s all a work in progress. It is also important to ask questions and to challenge your vulnerability, to see what obstacles are in front of you and how to overcome it with the right mindset.

The last key learning that I have learnt so far is that we all have our good days and our bad days. It’s okay to not be okay and that when things get a bit too much, take a step back, breathe for a moment and try your best.

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