Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Procession Feature.

“She is in hell, drinking a pint of blood and laughing at us.” Oh how charming!

Margaret Thatcher’s procession funeral is one to be remembered by Britain as onlookers lined up on the procession route both cheering and booing the Iron Lady.

But why?

Following the death of a dear old lady, not to mention the first and only female prime Minister of Britain, shouldn’t the country be in mourning?

Shouldn’t the country be weeping for losing a woman who has changed Britain forever?

One protestor, Sam, 53, who works as a painter was seen holding a banner saying “She died 4 rich, but killed the poor” as he projected his fury at Margaret Thatcher. “Margret Thatcher, she is a killer, a killer of working class and poor people, because her policy is giving the wealth and the common land and all the general wealth to the rich people and privatised that for profit which means poverty for us!”image

On whether Sam believed Thatcher deserved a procession through London and a funeral at St. Paul’s cathedral was obvious, “I think my mother deserved more than Margret Thatcher, but at least my mother was loving (to other) people and neighbours and everybody. But Margret only loved (the) rich.”

Walking through the streets that surround St. Paul’s Cathedral was chaotic. Protestors shouting and holding their banners, whilst those who supported Thatcher hanged their Union Jack flags over the railings. A precious moment in history for Britain, as the busy streets of London filled up with the public like sardines in a tin to watch the Iron Lady go down the streets of London.

Not only did the protesting public have a problem with Thatcher herself, they had a problem with the government too, especially for its estimated £10million spend on todays proceedings.  

Cuban born Fernanda De Philippo, a 40 year old photographer explains, “she only deserves a procession if it was paid from her own pocket, she can have any funeral she likes. But this is a funeral out of our money, it claims it cost £10million but why are they (the Government) closing libraries, and not paying for education?

“We are in the middle of a crisis and then they create this circus! It is the problem of power, it is a big problem with the world, politicians are really nice until they get our votes and then they are above all of us and above morals.”

Another protestor explained how there shouldn’t be an issue on what Thatcher has or has not done for Britain, what power she had and how she used it in her reign at Prime Minister. 

“The real reason is what was the ceremonial funeral, why didn’t they run this through Parliament, why weren’t Parliament informed?, why were so MPs angry for being called back for the national eulogy of Thatcher? . Why was it like a presidential funeral today? Because that is what it was like, it was as if Alexander the Great was being buried. I think it was inappropriate and that the Government have shot themselves in the foot and they will suffer from it electorally.” 

Well, whether the public suffers or the Government suffers, the Iron Lady must no longer suffer, as Britain says farewell to their former only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. 

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