LPDJ – Westfield London

So since when did Westfield London update its restaurants on the Southern Terrace? Either I’m totally late to this news, or I’m just oblivious to any restaurant thats not Nandos or Byron.

Having just come back from Los Angeles, I wasn’t exactly comfortable with spending ridiculous amounts of money. It’s much easier for me to say no to that top in Zara, or those pair of heels from Office. But food? Hell no. My weakness, and I’m always down for trying something new. 

Walking in Wesfields with my girls, we we’re unsure of what to have for dinner. There are so many restuarants, asian restaurants, american restaurant, Italian restaurants.. but LPDJ, a French restaurant..I assume? I mean it stands for Le Palais Du Jardin. Jardin, is garden. Palias looks like palace. So we’ll go with The Palace Gardens. (Fancier in French eh?!)

What drew our attention, is the little sign outside the restaurant stating lobster and fries for £19. Well, that was enough for us, we headed into the restaurant. 

It was a very classy place, thank goodness none of us went for the ‘cant be bothered’ look, so we fitted in quite well. 

Looking at the menu, we noticed it was rather pricey.. okay not too pricey. But trust me, when you’re a student, anything over £20 for food is pricey. 

We ordered the lobsters with fries, and decided to have a starter of Oysters. 

Oysters. Right. So it was my first time…hadn’t a clue what to do. But thank you Google! I literally googled it, grabbed my fork, removed the oyster from the shell, then poured the oyster from the shell into my mouth. Verdict? Not too bad. Interesting. I’ll do it again though, I’ll tell you that. 

The lobster was great. But how awkward! You’re in a fancy restaurant, and you’re grabbing the lobster by its claws trying to rip it apart! The black rice that accompanied it? Erm… no. thank goodness for the fries!

Dessert. My favourite part of a dinner meal… or any meal. I had originally wanted this exotic fruit ice sorbet. But of course, they were out of it. So I went for a chocolate brownie. It was very rich, yet tasty. I don’t really recommend it though if you’ve just had a big meal. But in true style, I ate it all. 

I’ll definitely go back here again, and try something new again. 

My rating based on visit? 8/10 





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