The day I discovered the London Man Vs Food challenges.

In short. My guilty pleasure is to switch off the light at 10pm, lie in bed, get comfortable and switch the TV on to my favourite TV channel. A TV channel that teases me, and leaves me with unsettling cravings that can last all the way until the morning.

The food network.

I love watching Man Vs Food, Man Vs Food Nation, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, and last but not least Bitchin Kitchin.

I hate the aching dissatisfaction I get from not being able to cook or eat the food that is upon the screen though.

That was until, I decided to act upon this feeling and find myself my own man vs food challenges. Surely there would be one in London. 

And there it was on the EatFeats website  listing all the challenges that were available in London, and well the rest of the world.

At first the pancake challenge caught my attention, then unfortunately the restaurant ‘Dime’ where the challenge happens, had already closed down. (Someone clearly needs to update the EatFeats website)

I had also noticed that the Triple Chilli challenge at Meat Liquor had failed to make the cut.

So there it was, a list of food challenges at the grasp of my hands.

It was only right, to go to one ASAP.

Therefore, my first stop was: Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton for the Naga Viper Chilli Hot Wings Challenge.

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