For the first time in maybe, two years – I am writing a blog post, with no idea what the subject is, or quite frankly – where this blog post will go.

I’ve lost my mojo for writing, and for some  reason, I can’t seem to get it back.

The amount of posts that were in my drafts folder from restaurant reviews, to holidays to experiences – yet I discard them and they end up in my deleted folder.

I find that since working in PR, I have become so obsessed with being a ‘top blogger’ and figuring out a way to cheat my way to a 10K circulation – that maybe, I lost my passion for writing.

I wouldn’t be writing for myself would I? I would be writing to get views, to get noticed and become a part of the big league blogging industry.

Through reading other people’s blog posts, I am definitely not short of blog posts ideas, or even motivation. What I lack, is the confidence to write again, knowing there’s no audience or financial reward.

But maybe by posting this, there just might be another sparkle connecting me back to my blog…

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