HEALTH: High Blood Pressure: Prehypertension

I’ve been thinking about this blog post for a while…always questioning whether it is a good idea, whether it is acceptable and whether it would make a difference.

Yeah – you got that right. Over thinking a topic for a damn blog post.

I’ve never really been honest with my friends when it comes to what has been going on with my health lately.. I was always telling people half the story and never really giving them the real picture of what was actually happening. It was a given that my family and K knew what was going on but did they really? Did they really understand? I don’t even think I understand. I’m so confused. Maybe, I was never really honest with myself.

I’ve always had something going on with my health, whether it was my asthma, my eczema, my ridiculously painful periods (so painful that my body couldn’t hack it and I would throw up – even in public.) or the latest addition to my health – high blood pressure.

Thinking back, I am pretty sure I have always had high blood pressure -especially through out university.

Putting a long story short, the doctors and I would always put my high blood pressure down to stress – stress from studying, stress from my dissertation, stress from job hunting. But soon, it felt like I was constantly making up an excuse as to why my blood pressure was so high, as oppose to looking at the real reasons. It got to the point where I had graduated from university and was working  in a full time job, yet my blood pressure was reaching 150/130. (That is probably the highest it has been – but imagine – that was my actual reading).

My high blood pressure was flagged up at at the hospital when I had to receive emergency care at the hospital for my asthma. The next thing I knew, the doctor was asking me details about my life and what I do on a daily basis. And the worst thing about all of this? I knew my blood pressure reading was high. It was the only reason that I would be questioned. I explained to him that I felt seriously stressed out, exhausted and that I was struggling to sleep. So, he told me to take the rest of the week off work (it was a Wednesday) and get some rest. He then wrote a few notes which would have been passed onto my GP.

It was written in black and white “must not go to work for 2-3 days”. Really? I am 23 years old – surely being told to not go to work, and to rest was something that I shouldn’t be experiencing.

My mind was confused – what was going on? Have I taken on too much work? Why couldn’t I sleep through the night?

I visited my GP and with the issue of my blood pressure being flagged, I was referred to the Cardiologist department at my nearest hospital.

Cardiologist? What did that even mean?

Thanks to my good friend Google, I suddenly realised it was a heart specialist. Heart? Specialist? Those two words were quite the mouth full.

Soon I found myself undergoing a few tests including scans of my heart and kidney and a 24 hour monitoring of my blood pressure. Just enough to get you thinking “what is going on?”

When it came to the discussion on the results, I was lucky to be told that my heart and kidney are both healthy and doing a fab job of keeping me going every day. The results of my blood pressure monitoring? It was rather bittersweet.

I guess in summary, I was told my blood pressure was.. pretty much, consistently high.. or at least borderline high. Now when I mean high, I mean it was in the ‘pre-high blood pressure’ part of the chart. So not exactly a ‘red flag’ but definitely something worth questioning.

The following was thrown into analysis:

  • My general lifestyle
  • Stress – Am I stressed?
  • Exercise Routine
  • The Pill
  • Anxiety

Having discussed this with the Cardiology department at the hospital, I went home knowing that I needed to make some big changes. I needed to find a way to handle my stress better and to stop being so hot headed all the time. I have to incorporate some form of an exercise routine into my schedule. I’ve gotta say goodbye to Micogynon and look into an alternative. I also have to figure out whether I am suffering from anxiety.

Honestly, I feel like I have come home with more questions than answers…



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