George Galloway Talks to Journalism Students at LMU (2013)

George Galloway Feature

Removing his hat, and combing his fingers through his hair, George Galloway took his seat, “read to take any questions at all on any subject”… despite arriving 27 minutes late.

Mr Galloway may be an MP – as he holds the Bradford West seat for the Respect Party – but he is perhaps best known for activities not directly related to his politics…

“I used to be a boxer,” George Galloway said over, and over, and over… and over again at a press conference at the London Metropolitan University. But that didn’t stop the students probing him on his controversial involvement in the Julian Assange rape case, his impressive performance in front of the US senate, and well who can forget? His appearance on Celebrity Big Brother where he rolled around like a little kitten on national TV.

In August 2012, Mr Galloway found himself involved in his most recent spotlight within the journalism and media world, after he stated: “It might be really bad sexual etiquette but whatever else it is, it is not rape,” for a man to have sex with a woman whilst she is asleep.

When questioned about the “controversial scandal” the former boxer defended himself as he did not see his “involvement in the Julian Assange case as a scandal of any kind”.

He continued defending Assange as “if it not for people like Julian Assange how are people going to find out the truth about whats being done in our name.”

“If not for controversy what are you going to write about, controversy means speaking the truth to power, and the power not liking it!”

He soon found himself targeted by anti-rape campaigners and uproar of controversy from the pubic.

Yet this would not be the first time Mr Galloway saw himself in the middle of a public storm…

His appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006, which saw him dressed as a cat, rolling around at the feet of Rula Lenska, gained him headlines for the wrong reasons.

Branded as a ‘laughing stock’ by a Labour opponent, as he pretended to lick cream from Rula Lenska’s hands and was then stroked on his head and behind his ears.

Yet again, jumping to his defence Mr Galloway said “the fact that people remember it – makes it memorable.

He said: “(There are) a lot of children in Gaza with shoes today that wouldn’t have had them if I hadn’t.  (There is) an office in Bethnal Green where I employed two full time staff out of the proceeds out of Big Brother.”

However in despite of Mr Galloway’s infamous involvements in these two cases, his most dignified performance was in front of the US Senate in 2005, which he cites as one of his proudest achievement.

“As a former boxer I can tell when people want to get out and I saw that the Senate wanted to leave.”

With a cheeky grin, Mr Galloway states “It was quite a good day for me” as it was a “heaven sent opportunity” and recommends watching it on YouTube.

His stampede victory over Bradford in the March 2012 by-elections is his second proudest achievement resulting in the biggest swing in British Politics.

Mr Galloway’s journey is still unfolding for him, be it politically or socially. His fierce persona when it comes to defending and standing by what he believes will surely gain Mr Galloway more future attention…






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