Five Guys is Coming to Uxbridge!

(This is an article that was written for my Creating Packages module. It was written for a food magazine, that me and a group had created known as – Eat Me Drink Me UK) 

I would like a double cheeseburger with extra cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, lettuce, red peppers and fried onions accompanied with a side order of large Cajun chips and a pink lemonade drink please.

How juicy does my burger look?

How juicy does my burger look?

Most of us would agree that we love a good burger, but do we love it enough to break tradition of removing a beloved local pub?

Baroosh a joint restaurant and bar, is located in the heart of the Uxbridge town centre, and has announced its recent closing down to allow the space for the opening and expansion of the American chain fast food restaurant Five Guys.

Five Guys has been given a 15-year lease in replacement of Baroosh, which has come to both the shock and amusement of the locals.

Norma Carpio, 64 years old, has been a resident in Uxbridge for 29 years, and believes that a Five Guys chain will be a great addition to the Uxbridge community.

“I think it will be good because I have heard Five Guys have good burgers. I haven’t been there myself, so I don’t know what the burgers taste like, but my grandson has been there and he told me that I need to try it.”

As a pensioner, Ms Carpio enjoys spending her free time at the local gym in Uxbridge with her friends before heading into the Intu Uxbridge shopping centre afterwards. The opening of Five Guys will create a new social place for her and her friends to go to.

“However, I don’t think that it is right, that a pub which has been in Uxbridge for so long and had no troubles with their business had to close down. Innocent people are losing their jobs, and giving it away to the new people who will work at Five Guys,” continued Ms Carpio.

Currently, there are three Five Guys chains in London: Covent Garden, Islington and Kingston. Five Guys is also opening in Westfield, White City.

The fast food restaurant has become increasingly popular amongst burger lovers in the city, since it’s first store opened in Covent Garden during the summer of last year.

It offers Londoners a taste of authentic American East Coast Burgers with their brown paper bag packaging. Special tin foil is wrapped around each burger to preserve the heat and keep the juices in. Their chips come served in a cup in either plain or Cajun flavouring.

Check out me and Oz!

Charlotte De Sousa, 20, Twickenham is a loyal customer to the Covent Garden chain and is pleased to know that Five Guys will open in West London.

“Uxbridge is much closer to me compared to Covent Garden, so its nice to know that within driving distance of a Five Guys. I am so excited. I will definitely be going there once it opens,” she beamed.

“When I first had Five Guys, I really loved the taste of their juicy burger. Their burgers really fill me up, so it is not a problem for me to be spending £12 on a burger and chips. It’s like the price of meal at Nandos,” Miss De Sousa continued.

However, as expected not everyone is happy with the news…

Katherine Calvert, 18 years old has lived in Hayes with her family since she was born, and Uxbridge is the home to her nearest shopping centre. “I don’t understand why there is the need for another junk food restaurant in Uxbridge.”

“We need a healthy eating option, I find it so difficult to eat out in Uxbridge as it is, because I am trying to diet. There are already a McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Greggs as well as coffee shops. Why do we need more?”

But surely, with their tempting burgers there is something that suits everyone?

As Uxbridge says goodbye to their local restaurant and pub, the locals eagerly wait in anticipation for the opening of Five Guys in the Spring or Summer of 2014.

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