Dunkin’ Donuts is back!

Don’t be fooled, this is no prank.

Dunkin’ Donuts have officially opened their first store in the U.K. since leaving 20 years ago well at least to the London area to my knowledge.

I can remember finding this out, as if it were yesterday…


“I’m sorry what?”

“We have to go to Harrow-on-the-hill, that’s where they opened Dunkin’ Donuts!'”

Dunkin' Donuts opens at Harrow-on-the-hill

Dunkin’ Donuts opens at Harrow-on-the-hill

Honestly, I live in west London, well more south-west London and the mere thought of commuting all the way to Harrow-on-the-hill is well… daunting.

BUT, mention the words ‘Dunkin’ and ‘Donuts’ and suddenly i’m reminiscent of my holidays in L.A. and The Philippines. OH, there is something about Dunkin’ Donuts that are so different from Krispy Kreme’s, Greggs, and just ever other damn donuts. (As much as I love their donuts too… Dunkin’ is just different..slightly better..)

The taste… the smell. oh the different flavours!

Who cares about calories and the whole, “this year, I’ll take my workout program seriously,”


Squealing with delight as I entered into the shop/cafe in the high street, I was just.. words can’t explain. I was over whelmed and immediately bought a box of 12.

Inside Dunkin Donuts

Inside Dunkin Donuts

The choices that were on offer, was brill!

Powdered donuts, creamy donuts, filled donuts, iced donuts. Hell they even had these cute little Munchkins!

Oh, the delicious-ness that is under the lid!

Oh, the delicious-ness that is under the lid!

They even offer breakfast all day, ALL DAY. you can have hash browns at A N Y time of the day.

Even quick filling lunch fixes such as toasties, croissants, bagels and wraps.

And then, to top it off, a hot drink of your choice.

Hot chocolate? Latte? Coffee? Tea?

No problem. Dunkin’ Donuts has it!


Oh check my dozen out!

I’m literally buzzing for the next time I go to Harrow-on-the-hill, there is no such thing as “too far” when it comes between me and food.

Check it out! – http://www.dunkindonuts.co.uk/

Map – http://www.dunkindonuts.co.uk/stores/


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    Lunchtime trip?!

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