A Chocolate Fondue Heaven

Finally, those cravings for something sweet can be knocked out of the ring.

oooh exiting!

oooh exiting!

Haägen-Dazs, in the heart of Leicester Square is the place to go. A restaurant, no wait, a house of desserts both sweet and savoury.

A house of chocolate and desserts. life is complete

A house of chocolate and desserts. My life is complete!

Surprisingly, considering I am a lover of dessert, (no really, I love going out for desserts) I’ve only been to Haägen-Dazs once… about a month ago to be exact. 

I went with a friend and we ordered the Chocolate Fondue, for two people at £22.

And there it was, melted warm chocolate, with two side dishes. One dish with round balls of ice cream, and the second with fruits, cookies and brownies.

How delicious! and for only £22.

How delicious! and for only £22.


Ice-cream: Vanilla, Double chocolate, strawberry and chocolate chip (4 scoops of each).

Fruit: Strawberries, apples, pears, and bananas.

Extra goodies: Four cookies and four brownies.

Oh get in my tummy!

Oh get in my tummy!

CAREFUL, it’s a little messy!

TIP: When it comes to chocolate, or well any dessert, wash it down with a glass of milk! Or is this something only I do…

Click here to be directed to Haägen-Dazs, Leicester Square

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