Are U.K. Libel Laws Fair?

(This is an article that was written for my Media, Law & Ethics module at University) Journalists can be argued to have complete freedom of speech in the UK. However what journalists are not lawfully allowed to do is commit libel against someone. Libel is a way of degrading a person in the public eye. The majority of newspapers pride themselves in providing honest and accurate news. People are protected by the Defamation Act 1996, with Defamation as another word for libel. To libel someone is simply when a publication is written which lowers the status of a person and… View Post

Five Guys is Coming to Uxbridge!

(This is an article that was written for my Creating Packages module. It was written for a food magazine, that me and a group had created known as – Eat Me Drink Me UK)  I would like a double cheeseburger with extra cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, lettuce, red peppers and fried onions accompanied with a side order of large Cajun chips and a pink lemonade drink please. Most of us would agree that we love a good burger, but do we love it enough to break tradition of removing a beloved local pub? Baroosh a joint restaurant and bar, is located… View Post

A few tips to success..

I was lucky enough to attend the ASOS Fashion marketing and journalism talk at the Fashion Event which took place in the Victoria and Albert museum. It was such a great experience and was available to all young people free of charge! Here are the Zeba Lower and Catherine Nieto’s 11 top tips when taking an internship/work experience. Think of it as your job – make them know you’re serious and this is your career path! Show an individual style – you want them to remember you Ask questions – show an interest, ask for help, learn while you’re there

I did it!

Finally, got my foot in the door with Hearst Magazines. I may have only been a contributor to this magazine for a few days, but its a fantastic start. Bearing in mind that Women’s Health is a national UK magazine, as well as a world wide magazine based in USA, Philippines, Africa, Canada, U.K. etc. GREAT NEWS, though as I’ll be interning for Women’s Health again next year!

Student Protests London – November 24 2011

[Written in November 2011] Students from all over London united together protesting against the increase of university tuition fees and EMA cutbacks.  The attack against the government, took place on November 24, with a considerable amount of students walking towards the houses of parliament holding banners, blowing whistles and shouting out their argument.  “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts” was chanted by the students until they reached the middle of Parliament Street, to find an abandoned and old fashioned police van. In what appeared to be a set up by the police and the government, a number of students lashed… View Post

National Coming Out Day Feature

IN CLASS TASK. Write a short October anniversary feature for a publication of your choice. Publication I chose: Gay Times Are you gay? If so, then please choose from the following punishments: two years imprisonment, hanged, or simply burned alive. Thankfully, this would only happy if you were alive before the 1900s… And now, an exiting 100 years later, the law and the public have become more acceptable of our growing LGBT community. It’s like we’ve sprinkled pink glitter all over the law and they liked it! We can now freely gaze lovingly, into Channing Tatum’s strip dance in Magic… View Post

‘Friends’ and the Hidden History of Cranford Park – Feature Article

‘Friends’ and the Hidden History of Cranford Park By  Norresa Perucho With summer approaching, many families will make use of the local parks in Hillingdon and Hounslow, where they share games of tennis, frisbee throwing and kite flying. Some come to Cranford Park to walk their dogs, others enjoy the birdlife and butterflies, and others use the park for exercising, from cycling to games of cricket. What better way to spend your time at the park than by helping to save forgotten buildings from the passage of time? Deep inside Cranford Park lie 18th century stables and cellars, remains linked to… View Post