Dar Marrakesh, Shisha Lounge

All good things come to those who wait.. Okay, what I mean is if you walk further down Edgware road, you will eventually reach a black building, with the words Dar Marrakesh on top. Sitting at the corner of a smaller road, Dar Marrakesh doesn’t look like your typical shisha lounge, in fact it looks more like a pub. But, don’t judge it just yet… Hidden in the garden of the pub, is the very beautiful shisha lounge, with a sofa circulating the garden and a few more seats on the inside.

Back to Winter Wonderland… again

Is there really such as thing as, “I’ve been to Winter Wonderland” too many times? I think not. I was delighted to take my best friend for his first time this year at Winter Wonderland on our 6 year anniversary, of how you say ‘best friendship’ – CUTE right? Despite it being my third time this month, I was still overwhelmed by London’s Christmas spirit, especially considering we are a week away from christmas..(excitedly jumps for joy, SANTA IS COMING!) There were men dressed up as Santa, people with turkey hats on their heads and nearly everyone… okay not everyone… View Post

Winter Wonderland and all it’s Christmas Spirit

I love christmas. I won’t lie, I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about until about two years ago, when I appreciated New Years much more. I soon found myself falling in love with the idea of Santa Claus, christmas jumpers, christmas lights and all the decorations. Not forgetting to mention the good old, Jingle Bell tunes. So, it was no surprise to me, that I was über excited to go to London’s very own Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.   Yes, fine, whatever. It’s an overrated, expensive, tourist attraction. But so what! With all its Christmas decor… View Post

Film 4’s Triple Bill at Sommerset House

Oh, pipe down. Regardless if this post is written late, you’re still reading it. Plus, films don’t have an expire date, and I bet you a slice of this chocolate cake I’m eating, you haven’t heard of one of the films I’ll be mentioning. Last summer, (Saturday 10th August to be exact) I went to the Film 4 Summer Screen at Sommerset House. My friend, Tania, bought us the tickets for the triple bill: Mean Girls, Carrie and The Loved Ones.(She’s such a great friend!) As it was our first time we were pretty excited to be going. Having went… View Post

Student Protests London – November 24 2011

[Written in November 2011] Students from all over London united together protesting against the increase of university tuition fees and EMA cutbacks.  The attack against the government, took place on November 24, with a considerable amount of students walking towards the houses of parliament holding banners, blowing whistles and shouting out their argument.  “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts” was chanted by the students until they reached the middle of Parliament Street, to find an abandoned and old fashioned police van. In what appeared to be a set up by the police and the government, a number of students lashed… View Post

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Procession Feature.

“She is in hell, drinking a pint of blood and laughing at us.” Oh how charming! Margaret Thatcher’s procession funeral is one to be remembered by Britain as onlookers lined up on the procession route both cheering and booing the Iron Lady. But why? Following the death of a dear old lady, not to mention the first and only female prime Minister of Britain, shouldn’t the country be in mourning? Shouldn’t the country be weeping for losing a woman who has changed Britain forever? One protestor, Sam, 53, who works as a painter was seen holding a banner saying “She… View Post