Mindset Reshift

The UK has been in lockdown for just over eight weeks and it has definitely given me the opportunity to pause for a moment and take a break from the busy and fast-paced life I live. I mean, when was the last time we really had ‘nothing’ to do? This really isn’t something I welcomed with open-arms, I insanely made sure that I was being productive around the clock from pre-work running, post-work workouts, blogging, cleaning my room etc. I even refreshed my First Aid training online! Then suddenly I reached my point of exhaustion with a 6 day tension… View Post

Gladiator in Concert | Royal Albert hall

I always love looking out for great date night ideas and when I stumbled across Gladiator in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall how could I resist? Not only is Gladiator an incredible film, but to hear not only the soundtrack but also the film score played by a live orchestra – this is an opportunity not to be missed. We managed to get pretty decent booth seats and nabbed the front row, giving us a great view of the film screening and the orchestra. The orchestra on the day were brilliant and heightened the emotional journey throughout the film, making… View Post

New Year’s Eve 2017

It was already decided that for New Year’s Eve, I wanted to do something special. I wasn’t really interested in going to a club, or a party. I wanted to do something exclusive and a bit more on the ‘grown up side’. Why? Simply because, I didn’t feel the need to be surrounded by drunken people who didn’t even realise the 10 second count down to midnight. Seriously though, how are you even out for New Years Eve and not even realising it is passed midnight?! After a few Google searches on the best things to do in London for New… View Post


For the first time in maybe, two years – I am writing a blog post, with no idea what the subject is, or quite frankly – where this blog post will go. I’ve lost my mojo for writing, and for some  reason, I can’t seem to get it back. The amount of posts that were in my drafts folder from restaurant reviews, to holidays to experiences – yet I discard them and they end up in my deleted folder. I find that since working in PR, I have become so obsessed with being a ‘top blogger’ and figuring out a… View Post

My First 3 Months

It is inevitable that I’ll be my own worst critic. Sorry, but I am rather disappointed at my pathetic lack of posts since working full time. Every week, I would tell myself “Norresa this week is the week! You are going to blog!” Then eventually life.. (Eastenders, FeelUnique.com and sleep) get in the way. So I’m left in this endless cycle of convincing myself to write a post, and then – not doing it. You know it was pretty bad if I had fellow bloggers Jasmine (Soeursdeluxe) and Juanita (Ldngirl) trying to motivate me too! So in yet again another attempt at… View Post

Knocked Down 13 Times Before Lucky Number 14

Hello, It feels incredibly weird yet liberating to be blogging again. My last blog post was in September 2015 and to be honest, judging by its content it wasn’t exactly the most interesting of reads. My blog went from weekly posts to basically… nothing. Zero. Zilch. Pretty pathetic eh? So much for a journalist wannabe. So of course, I am super happy to be writing again and cannot wait to see what will become of this blog. The main reason that my blogging life had become virtually non-existent is simply because I had been applying for jobs – not just any… View Post

A road trip to Amsterdam in 10 Hours

Amsterdam, the beautiful yet small,  European city famous for its historic buildings and museums, is the capital city of The Netherlands.  However, when I visited the notorious city, I saw a side to Amsterdam which was rather different…  I’m not usually one for spontaneous outings, but considering it was my friend’s birthday. I couldn’t say no to his offer to celebrate his birthday in Amsterdam. It was a £41 coach and ferry trip, and it took around ten hours. Picked up in Southall (yeah. SOUTHALL.) at midnight on a Saturday morning, and arriving in Dover by 4am to catch the… View Post

Third Year: Dissertation vs Procrastination Ft. Big Bums

What has even possessed me, or in fact motivated me to write a blog post when I am pretty in deep with my dissertation is beyond me. Let me explain to you what my dissertation consists of.. (when studying BA Journalism) So we start with a little baby worth 10%…  JOURNALISM PROJECT MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE: ‘The Plan’  Put it this way.. It was due last year, and i’ve submitted it. Also. five months later, I have not stuck to the plan I had originally planned on. HAHA. because if I did, then I would have finished the dissertation! Then there is… View Post