Lee Stafford’s BLEAch BLondes

I have been bleaching and highlighting my hair different tones of blonde for the last… five years? with the exception of one year. I went from black to dark brown to dark blonde, to light blonde to bleach blonde. It was a tough process that took years to do, I kept it up for about three years till I got fed up and decided to go natural. 6 months later, I hated it and undertook a major hair transformation and went straight to light blonde. (Honestly it took six hours!) Of course over time the colour has started to become… View Post

Harden them nails!

You finally manage to grow your nails 2cm, then BANG, you smack your fingers into the wall as you’re running up the stairs (no? just me…) or you split it as you open up the can of diet coke? Whatever it is, its one of the most annoying things that could happen to a girl. But no need to worry because help is on the way! The ‘Sally Hansen, Advanced Hard as Nails’ works miracles at strengthening your nails whilst providing a healthy shine.  After applying two coats, you slowly start to notice the difference in the next two days. … View Post

The stress when looking for a dress.

Post comes through the letter box, and its addressed to you.  Good times. (…as long as its not from the bank of course).  Even better times when you realise its a wedding invitation.  I love weddings, haven’t been to one in a long time per say, but HEY. any excuse to dress up right? I was stuck between three dresses, (no surprise that they were all black mind you.) BUT, i had already chosen my shoes, which were fresh out the box. Yes, I was the girl that carried her shoes to the shop to double check that they matched… View Post