Big Easy – Lobster Lovin’

I seafood, and I eat it. – Geddit? ha ha ha.

American dining restaurant, Big Easy has two branches in London: Kings Road and Covent Garden.

With its amazing food, live entertainment and back bar it is no wonder that it is one of the busiest places to dine.

I have been lucky enough to have eaten at Big Easy Covent Garden twice now, but that does not include being turned away at the door on four other occasions – yeah it is THAT busy.

Reservations are an actual MUST for Big Easy.

Take your pick.

Take your pick.

Nonetheless it can not be as bad as the fact that, each time I have had the pleasure of eating at Big Easy, I seem to always seem to go with the same main course.



1) Seafood>Meat

2) Its a lobster!

I don’t believe there is much more to it. Also, at Big Easy’s all of their lobsters are fresh from the waters of Nova Scotia!

But, I seriously need to consider expanding my interests to other sections of the menu. Their ribs look pretty damn tasty!

On this occasion, I took my Australian cousin Cathlene (who was here for three weeks!) to have dinner with a few of her London friends she already knew.

Bibs for messy eaters.

Bibs for messy eaters.

When you order the ‘Lobster Fest’ you’ve got to know it’s not exactly the best meal to have if you’re looking to act lady like. You’ve got to grab the lobster by your hands and rip it apart like the mammal you are!

OKAY. Not that animalistic – you get a few tools to help you along the way.

Unlike other restaurants that serve a similar dish, Big Easy offers a WHOLE lobster. Yes, I have encountered a number of times where I was served just HALF a lobster – as if to say that would fill anyone up.

I usually start my way at the bottom of the lobster and work my way up – because the head is the best part, obviously.

Here’s my basic ‘how to eat a lobster strategy,’ (which I’ve basically mastered.)

1) Rip off the claws

2) Eat the claw

3) Rip the body of the lobster in half, split down the middle.

4) Eat the chewy, yet oh so yummy, lobster meat from both sides of the tail.

5) Rip the top part off the head shell off

6) See that orange and brown stuff? Eat it. Enjoy it. it’s the best part – whatever it is.

See its not that hard. What is hard is finding another word for ‘rip’

*Where is my thesaurus?*

I seafood, and I eat it.

I seafood, and I eat it.

I’m so weak for food, that looking at the pictures in the post, as well as actually describing how to eat a lobster – has totally increased my never-fulfilled craving for seafood.

Dammit. Who will go with me next? Someone just make me a reservation…

Don't play with your food kids.

Don’t play with your food kids.

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