LPDJ – Westfield London

So since when did Westfield London update its restaurants on the Southern Terrace? Either I’m totally late to this news, or I’m just oblivious to any restaurant thats not Nandos or Byron. Having just come back from Los Angeles, I wasn’t exactly comfortable with spending ridiculous amounts of money. It’s much easier for me to say no to that top in Zara, or those pair of heels from Office. But food? Hell no. My weakness, and I’m always down for trying something new.  Walking in Wesfields with my girls, we we’re unsure of what to have for dinner. There are… View Post


A moist, soft and fluffy red velvet cupcake with a gold star on top…three stacked oreos topped onto a chocolate sponge cupcake…a chocolate chip cupcake with a cookie on top. All with icing just sweet enough you can eat more than one…maybe eight? At what started out as a small treat for her daughter, had soon turned into a cupcake frenzy, with friends and friends of friends all wanting to order these special delights. Baked and decorated by local Islington resident, Quyen Duong, 31, she had no idea she would be changing her career after spending 15 years working in… View Post

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Procession Feature.

“She is in hell, drinking a pint of blood and laughing at us.” Oh how charming! Margaret Thatcher’s procession funeral is one to be remembered by Britain as onlookers lined up on the procession route both cheering and booing the Iron Lady. But why? Following the death of a dear old lady, not to mention the first and only female prime Minister of Britain, shouldn’t the country be in mourning? Shouldn’t the country be weeping for losing a woman who has changed Britain forever? One protestor, Sam, 53, who works as a painter was seen holding a banner saying “She… View Post

Breast cancer is still on the rise.

According to a national study across the U.K., breast cancer is the most common form of cancer amongst women. 72.6% of women were diagnosed with breast cancer from the years 2005-2009, with the second most common form of cancer in women as uterus cancer at 12.1%. Cervix cancer is the least common form of cancer at 4.7%, and this form of cancer can only decrease with the introduction of the cervix cancer vaccination in young women aged 15 years old over the last 10 years.  From 2000 to 2010, the number of incidences in breast cancer has gradually increased, starting… View Post

Nicholas Olaes – Interview Article

“Don’t follow your dreams, lead them” this single quote was “one of the first quotes that I had ever read when I started dancing and every time I read it, it just motivates me to work harder. “I’ve always had this dream which is to reunite with my real family because we are all scattered around the world and (to) find my real dad.” At 18 years young, Nicholas Olaes has achieved more than he had ever believed from performing at the World of Dance, to training with the “Move Like Michael Jackson” dance competition winners Animaineax, to becoming 1st… View Post