The day I discovered the London Man Vs Food challenges.

In short. My guilty pleasure is to switch off the light at 10pm, lie in bed, get comfortable and switch the TV on to my favourite TV channel. A TV channel that teases me, and leaves me with unsettling cravings that can last all the way until the morning. The food network. I love watching Man Vs Food, Man Vs Food Nation, Diners Drive-Ins and Dives, and last but not least Bitchin Kitchin. I hate the aching dissatisfaction I get from not being able to cook or eat the food that is upon the screen though. That was until, I… View Post

A Five Guys Treat for one lucky girl!

Monday 20th January 2014 is said to be the gloomiest, most depressing day of the year 2014. Not to mention my critical issue fashion assignment was due in that day. BOO! So let’s do some maths and calculate that as a double gloomy, and double depressing day shall we? But not to be feared, the day was bearable for one reason, well five… Five Guys in Covent Garden, that is! Having opened in the summer of 2013, (I remember it like it was yesterday, I was a fool for not going in when it first opened. I was literally walking… View Post

Dunkin’ Donuts is back!

Don’t be fooled, this is no prank. Dunkin’ Donuts have officially opened their first store in the U.K. since leaving 20 years ago well at least to the London area to my knowledge. I can remember finding this out, as if it were yesterday… “Harrow-on-the-hill” “I’m sorry what?” “We have to go to Harrow-on-the-hill, that’s where they opened Dunkin’ Donuts!’” Honestly, I live in west London, well more south-west London and the mere thought of commuting all the way to Harrow-on-the-hill is well… daunting. BUT, mention the words ‘Dunkin’ and ‘Donuts’ and suddenly i’m reminiscent of my holidays in L.A.… View Post

Dar Marrakesh, Shisha Lounge

All good things come to those who wait.. Okay, what I mean is if you walk further down Edgware road, you will eventually reach a black building, with the words Dar Marrakesh on top. Sitting at the corner of a smaller road, Dar Marrakesh doesn’t look like your typical shisha lounge, in fact it looks more like a pub. But, don’t judge it just yet… Hidden in the garden of the pub, is the very beautiful shisha lounge, with a sofa circulating the garden and a few more seats on the inside.

Back to Winter Wonderland… again

Is there really such as thing as, “I’ve been to Winter Wonderland” too many times? I think not. I was delighted to take my best friend for his first time this year at Winter Wonderland on our 6 year anniversary, of how you say ‘best friendship’ – CUTE right? Despite it being my third time this month, I was still overwhelmed by London’s Christmas spirit, especially considering we are a week away from christmas..(excitedly jumps for joy, SANTA IS COMING!) There were men dressed up as Santa, people with turkey hats on their heads and nearly everyone… okay not everyone… View Post

Winter Wonderland and all it’s Christmas Spirit

I love christmas. I won’t lie, I didn’t really see what all the fuss was about until about two years ago, when I appreciated New Years much more. I soon found myself falling in love with the idea of Santa Claus, christmas jumpers, christmas lights and all the decorations. Not forgetting to mention the good old, Jingle Bell tunes. So, it was no surprise to me, that I was über excited to go to London’s very own Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.   Yes, fine, whatever. It’s an overrated, expensive, tourist attraction. But so what! With all its Christmas decor… View Post

A Chocolate Fondue Heaven

Finally, those cravings for something sweet can be knocked out of the ring. Haägen-Dazs, in the heart of Leicester Square is the place to go. A restaurant, no wait, a house of desserts both sweet and savoury. Surprisingly, considering I am a lover of dessert, (no really, I love going out for desserts) I’ve only been to Haägen-Dazs once… about a month ago to be exact.