Can the ‘Dark Arts’ Ever Be Justified in Journalism? Discuss, with Reference to the Leveson Inquiry, Press Freedom and Privacy.

(This is an article that was written for my Media, Law & Ethics module at University) This essay will explore the practice of the ‘dark arts’ in journalism with reference to the Leveson Inquiry, press freedom and privacy. The Leveson Inquiry is a new break through in the world of journalism with a main focus on print journalism and whether a call for a new press regulation is needed. This scandal affected big news stories including murders investigations and the invasion of celebrity’s privacy. Through out this essay, there will be different sources and evidence from books and the Internet… View Post

Are U.K. Libel Laws Fair?

(This is an article that was written for my Media, Law & Ethics module at University) Journalists can be argued to have complete freedom of speech in the UK. However what journalists are not lawfully allowed to do is commit libel against someone. Libel is a way of degrading a person in the public eye. The majority of newspapers pride themselves in providing honest and accurate news. People are protected by the Defamation Act 1996, with Defamation as another word for libel. To libel someone is simply when a publication is written which lowers the status of a person and… View Post

Five Guys is Coming to Uxbridge!

(This is an article that was written for my Creating Packages module. It was written for a food magazine, that me and a group had created known as – Eat Me Drink Me UK)  I would like a double cheeseburger with extra cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, lettuce, red peppers and fried onions accompanied with a side order of large Cajun chips and a pink lemonade drink please. Most of us would agree that we love a good burger, but do we love it enough to break tradition of removing a beloved local pub? Baroosh a joint restaurant and bar, is located… View Post

My 10 Day Spring Break Workout, thanks to O2 Max Fitness

Let me start this blog post of by saying that I have loved being part of O2 Max Fitness and that I have thoroughly enjoyed taking on the 10 days spring break programme. O2 Max Fitness is a company that specialises in helping people with busy schedules, i.e. students find a way to keep fit. “O2 MAX bridges the online and offline worlds to provide a personalized experience that adapts to changing schedules, life transitions, needs and goals.” Now, believe me when I say it was a challenge, because damn… I may work in a health club/gym half the days… View Post

The Empire State Challenge Burger – Tinsletown

Having met my defeat at Red Dog Saloon, I decided to find a more easier challenge – and ended up at Tinsletown, Ealing Broadway. I went with my best friend again, and our friend Ricky too. Tinsletown is an american diner, offering burgers, cheesy chips, smoothies and great desserts. It has an almost ‘Hollywood’ atmosphere, with pictures of celebrities on the wall, the word Tinsletown sprawled across the walls and what appeared to a poster of young girls screaming for my autograph. Straight to the meal, we all ordered the ‘Empire State Challenge Burger’ The menu states that the challenge… View Post

Red Dog Saloon – The Naga Viper Chilli Challenge

THE NAGA VIPER CHILLI HOT WINGS CHALLENGE Location: Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton. Task: Eat six of the Naga Viper Chilli Hot Wings as fast as you can, then embrace the blaze of the chilli for five minutes before you can drink any water. Upon completion, you win a t-shirt. If you fail, it’s a £10.50 bill.  Following on from last months post  when I briefly mentioned the Red Dog Saloon.. I plucked up the courage, dragged my best friend out of university (he wasn’t in class and he loves me so its okay!) and marched right over to Red Dog Saloon. …actually,… View Post

Lee Stafford’s BLEAch BLondes

I have been bleaching and highlighting my hair different tones of blonde for the last… five years? with the exception of one year. I went from black to dark brown to dark blonde, to light blonde to bleach blonde. It was a tough process that took years to do, I kept it up for about three years till I got fed up and decided to go natural. 6 months later, I hated it and undertook a major hair transformation and went straight to light blonde. (Honestly it took six hours!) Of course over time the colour has started to become… View Post

A Hollywood dinner thats just out of this Planet

I love discovering new restaurants that I am still yet to sit down and have a delicious meal in… I literally buzz inside. Especially when I’m thoroughly analysing the menu and mentally picking out my favourites in my head. It was only when I was out with my best friend, that I discovered, a special  hidden gem in one of the small roads in-between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The American chain restaurant Planet Hollywood.