Why Girls Should Not Be Embarrassed to Eat In Front of a Guy.

It is no big secret, that I eat like a man.  I’m not your typical, salad-eating-I-can’t-finish-my-food type of girl.  I will choose to order the full rack of ribs, not half. I will have cheesy chips, not plain chips.  And yes, there is always room for dessert.  However, what I will never seem to understand, is why some girls – yes, not all girls – think that just because they are out on a date with a guy, they need to eat less? “As if eating sooooo much, makes you suddenly sooo unattractive.” Okay, I get it. What guy wants… View Post

A road trip to Amsterdam in 10 Hours

Amsterdam, the beautiful yet small,  European city famous for its historic buildings and museums, is the capital city of The Netherlands.  However, when I visited the notorious city, I saw a side to Amsterdam which was rather different…  I’m not usually one for spontaneous outings, but considering it was my friend’s birthday. I couldn’t say no to his offer to celebrate his birthday in Amsterdam. It was a £41 coach and ferry trip, and it took around ten hours. Picked up in Southall (yeah. SOUTHALL.) at midnight on a Saturday morning, and arriving in Dover by 4am to catch the… View Post

BA Journalism Graduation – London Metropolitan University, Class of 2014

I guess everyone will reach that stage in their life when they realise their whole world is about to change. Whether it is because they fall in love, or start a family, get a new job, or accomplish something great. This happened to me – well for me it was a great accomplishment. Astonishingly, after near about 16 consecutive years of studying, I finally finished and graduated last Tuesday 29th July 2014. It’s a bit different here in the U.K – the whole graduation stuff. See, in most places in the world you graduate during high school/secondary school. Whereas here… View Post

Third Year: Dissertation vs Procrastination Ft. Big Bums

What has even possessed me, or in fact motivated me to write a blog post when I am pretty in deep with my dissertation is beyond me. Let me explain to you what my dissertation consists of.. (when studying BA Journalism) So we start with a little baby worth 10%…  JOURNALISM PROJECT MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE: ‘The Plan’  Put it this way.. It was due last year, and i’ve submitted it. Also. five months later, I have not stuck to the plan I had originally planned on. HAHA. because if I did, then I would have finished the dissertation! Then there is… View Post

Ben Luong – Profile Feature

(This is an article that was written for my Creating Packages module. It was written for a food magazine, that me and a group had created known as – Eat Me Drink Me UK)  Ben Luong is Britain’s answer to America’s Adam Richman. He is the unofficial King of Man Vs. Food U.K. The self-proclaimed food challenge champion started his own blog, ‘Eating Challenges’ in February 2013, and since then has taken on numerous food challenges that he has either found himself or people have submitted to him on his website. At 34 years old Luong, works as an independent… View Post

Alcohol Calorie Counting – Feature

(This is an article that was written for my Creating Packages module. It was written for a food magazine, that me and a group had created known as – Eat Me Drink Me UK)  We love Friday nights at the EMDM office. It is literally the only factor that motivates us every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Just like most women, you’re likely to find us out in the city, drinking our sins away into the darkness of the night. Shamefully, we are completely oblivious at the amount of calories, harmful toxins and sugar we are putting into our body… View Post

George Galloway Talks to Journalism Students at LMU (2013)

George Galloway Feature Removing his hat, and combing his fingers through his hair, George Galloway took his seat, “read to take any questions at all on any subject”… despite arriving 27 minutes late. Mr Galloway may be an MP – as he holds the Bradford West seat for the Respect Party – but he is perhaps best known for activities not directly related to his politics… “I used to be a boxer,” George Galloway said over, and over, and over… and over again at a press conference at the London Metropolitan University. But that didn’t stop the students probing him… View Post

Is the UK Inquest System Fair?

(This is an article that was written for my Media, Law & Ethics module at University) The UK inquest system can be argued both fair and unfair depending on the inquest case. An inquest is needed in some cases to determine who the deceased was, when and where the death took place as well as how the person died. When an inquest case is brought to court there are neither defence lawyers nor prosecutor lawyers and there is no blame put on anyone. The inquest is simply based around the death of the person. There are different examples over the… View Post