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(This is an article that was written for my Creating Packages module. It was written for a food magazine, that me and a group had created known as – Eat Me Drink Me UK) 

We love Friday nights at the EMDM office. It is literally the only factor that motivates us every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Just like most women, you’re likely to find us out in the city, drinking our sins away into the darkness of the night.

Shamefully, we are completely oblivious at the amount of calories, harmful toxins and sugar we are putting into our body once we reach the point of no inhibitions.

The calories in alcohol are known as empty calories and have no nutritional values to the human body.

These drinks can include everything from a glass of wine to a pint of beer, to a cheeky shot of tequila to a standard double vodka and coke.

Natasha Nortje, 33, lives in Sunbury with her husband and works as a part time receptionist at a gym in Heathrow.

In her opinion she believes that “most people are aware that beer has a lot of calories,” but she doesn’t believe that people know that wine and whisky contains less calories.

Therefore, this poses the question, if people realised the amount of calories in alcohol, will they think twice before having a drink? 

Nortje, neither agrees nor disagrees with this question. “Unless someone is really serious about fitness, I doubt that they watch what they drink.”

“People eat and drink as much as they want, and come to the gym because they think they’re burning the right amount of calories off.

But do you know how many calories are in your drink?

On average a woman should consume no more than two to three units of alcohol a day, whilst men have a lucky escape with three to four units of alcohol a day.

According to our exclusive survey carried out by the EMDM team 50% of women between the ages of 18 to 26 years old drink more than four times a month, with 6.2% drinking three times a month, and 18.75% drinking only once a month.

Using the Drinkaware website, we were able to calculate that in one medium glass of white wine there are 159 calories.

That is 16 minutes on the running machine at the gym next Monday morning.

Astonishingly only 25% of the women that took our survey considered the amount of calories when drinking on a night out.

And you wonder why you’re diet isn’t working as well as you would have liked.

The answer lies with all that alcohol you consumed in the weekend.

If you were to have four shots of Smirnoff Vodka mixed with orange juice, you are taking in 701 calories. This works out as 35% of your daily calories intake, as well as nearly triple the amount of units a woman should be drinking in one day.

Quite simply, consuming that drink is just like eating two and a half burgers from Five Guys, and will take you 70 minutes of running on the treadmill to burn off.


But don’t feel so down in the dumps, there are alternative alcoholic drinks you can have with a much less calorie count.


Both white and red wine have a calorie count between 75 and 105 calories, and opting for drier wines rather than sweet also have a lower calorie intake.


Having just single shots of gin, vodka, whisky and tequila come at 65 calories each, but once you start mixing these spirits with fizzy drinks such as coke and lemonade, the calorie counter increases drastically.


Paul Lowithan, 33 is a personal trainer at and often has female clients who love to have a drink or two on a night out, but do not realise the consequences of their actions. “Alcohol is a big contribution factor to your calorie intake especially if you like to drink. If you have a small glass of wine each night that is fine, but what a lot of people tend to do is binge drink on the weekend.”


“Imagine a car,” he continues “When a car has the correct fuel in it, you can drive it. But when you put bad quality fuel in the car, it won’t run as well. It is just like your body, working on alcohol. It won’t run as well and you have a 10% decrease in your performance ability when working out.”


Our survey conducted that a woman’s favourite tipple is a glass of wine, both red or white, with a result of 37.5%. The second favourite type of alcohol was strictly spirits at 31.2%.


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