A few tips to success..

I was lucky enough to attend the ASOS Fashion marketing and journalism talk at the Fashion Event which took place in the Victoria and Albert museum.

It was such a great experience and was available to all young people free of charge!

Here are the Zeba Lower and Catherine Nieto’s 11 top tips when taking an internship/work experience.

  1. Think of it as your job – make them know you’re serious and this is your career path!
  2. Show an individual style – you want them to remember you
  3. Ask questions – show an interest, ask for help, learn while you’re there
  4. Be innovative – don’t sit and do nothing, make yourself useful, showcase your talent/skills
  5. Spend time in the fashion cupboard – for fashion magazines, learn more.
  6. Intern everywhere – get as much experience in everything!
  7. Smile! – no one likes a grumpy pants!
  8. Make tea – this can help create conversation starters when giving tea out i.e. “Hi, whats your name, do you want some tea?” “I’m Sarah, the features editor…”
  9. Do you research – its embarrassing if you talk about their weekly issue, if its a monthly magazine
  10. Learn the basics – Sub edit, know how to create a news diary, write a feature, write a new article etc.
  11. Send your CV in your first email, stating the dates you are available – Hi my name is Norresa, my CV is attached in this e-mail, I am available for work experience from the beginning of January until the end of February

These 11 points just may be the difference between you securing a longer internship or even a full time job and being put on their ‘waste of time’ list!

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